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Steve Jurash - PRIDE Executive Director


Steve is Philadelphia’s leading advocate for the city’s manufacturing sector. Together with the Urban Industry Initiative, he has worked to help the sector find trained workers, give companies a voice in city government and make the kinds of connection for them that results in growth. He is also President & CEO of the Urban Industry Initiative (UII), which is a city economic development agency for the manufacturing sector. He works directly with Philadelphia's manufactures, as a marketing coach, as well as leading a New Product Development Group, teaching companies how to innovate and bring new products to market.

Steve is the face of PRIDE.  He handles the day to day operations and communications between businesses, Board members, City agencies, and hired contractors for all of the various projects within PRIDE.  Steve, also works with the Urban Industry initiative, the Manufacturers Alliance of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Commerce Department, and many other organizations in order to coordinate the efforts of the city with the efforts of the Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise.

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